Know everything about DJ set Vs Live set

DJ Live set

In the past, the stadiums and big auditoriums were mainly reserved for the rappers, rock bands, popular singers and also orchestras. With the advent and development of the electronic music, DJs are the most popularly used devices and they have become the main part of these areas and have more attention which other major artists and bands have been receiving for many decades. All music artists should need to know the DJ set meaning by updating their knowledge with the latest DJ controller and also a mixer.

About Live Set:

When you are going to attend the live rock music concerts, there are a lot of expectations from the pan’s sides and you have to give a lot of surprises as a music artist. You can see the variety of instruments and artists playing them in hand on the stage. If the DJ plays a live set, the player is not merely mixing and DJing the soundtracks but actively making the new way of music on the air using the best combination of hardware and software that varies from act to act.

It is crucial to understand what do DJs do live set and some of the live performances may also include the popular music instruments such as drums, guitars, horns or even the string instruments such as the violin. Some of the music artists who are all making arrangements for the live concerts may just use only the DJ specific hardware and software in order to make the music on the spot in front of their audience. Simply to say, they will add the live elements to their set with the help of the DJs. Not all the musicians can do this live performance because the use of DJ requires the additional skills and then only they will become a master in playing the live DJ to create the amazing music.

Everything about DJ Set:

  • During the DJ Set, the DJ is playing and as well as mixing the pre-recorded music whether digitally or via vinyl. It is the main difference between the dj set vs live set
  • The tracks played by the music artist may include his or her own work and it also includes the additional tracks from some other artists who are all musically compatible with the sound.
  • The original DJ is the best track selector with the strange ability to make a journey by piecing together and also mixing the soundtracks in the fresh and unique way. By this way, it gets off the reaction from the crowd as the decision point for the artist’s every selection.

DJ Set


The number of DJ set has been providing the amazing range of the live performances simply because most of the artists are not typically trained and have not learned how to take on the process of making the live music to their DJ performances. It will mix the pre-recorded tracks and also basing their selection according to the mood and reactions of the crowd.