What is dj headphones and its importance?

dj headphones

As everyone knows headphone is necessary piece of equipment to DJ because there is no sensible ways to listen what they are making in the recording studio or stage. High quality of headphone might enable dj to head all elements in the composition and play around with the certain things like pitch, frequency and balanced output. If you are a beginner to choose headphone then you must follow some tips such as

  • Comfort
  • Closed back design
  • Sound quality
  • Durability
  • Looks

Interesting guide to choose best dj headphone

Before you plan to choose headphone, you must concern about features of dj headphones that are really beneficial to you. If you are performing dj, headphone which you get must be moved around, yanked, trotted and stuffed in the travel bags. Each headphone is having different specifications. Some of the headphone is designed to bass busters and other might target audiophiles.

If a headphone is having higher specification but less distortion then you can listen to higher volume. Headphone with the higher number sensitivity might produce more volume. Majority of the headphone might claim to cover range from the 20Hz to 20Khz. If you are choosing professional dj headphones then you can get excellent listening experience. According to the studies says that consumer headphones are having semi open or pen backs which might allow ambience sound from room to be heard. At the same time ear pads must be well padded for mounted and comfort on swiveling or rotating arms which might allow single sided positioning and monitoring. It must comfortably and completely encompass your ears. Headband must offer easy adjustability and maintain sufficient side pressure in order to keep ear cup secure.

The best dj headphone is equipped with the ΒΌ inch jack. Look for the designs which are compact to fit in your dj bag and it must be rugged enough to share space with other gear. You must know about dj headphones vs studio headphones that could be useful to you.

dj headphones vs studio headphones

Surprising facts about dj headphone

Top dj headphone might come in all sizes and shapes which is especially designed to be in the music monitoring and mixing. The best pro dj headphones come with awesome numbers of the features like driver size, closed ear, frequency range and weight. Frequency range of the headphone might set range of treble notes and bass. Driver in headphone must convert electrical signal into the sound. It has two styles like open ear and closed ear. Closed ear design might keep out ambient sound. It comes in different kinds of the weight options and you must decide how comfortable you are to wear.


Headphone is tricky one to buy so you must spend your valuable time to choose best headphone. You must keep certain point at your mind while buying headphone like brand, style, form and celebrity endorsement which might have huge impact on total cost. Sound quality must have maximum input rating that could be in milliwatts (mW).